Who's using Harbeth with tubes, what speaker model and how many watts per channel?

Curious what current consensus is regarding the above question.

Thank you.

harbeths imo do best with solid state due to their desire for strong woofer control/damping factor, so tube amp aficianados are well advised to use tube amps that provide that...  an extended treble response from the amp benefits the speaker too, as they tend to add warmth of the music played through them


i had the c73s3 with the rogue audio cronus magnum ii.  one of the best sounding systems i have owned or heard, i could easily sell everything and go back, i know someone that did!  

rogue builds their amps with dynamics and slam, their trademark.  the 100 wpc kt 120s get it done.  

I've owned SHL5's, 40.1's (twice) and now 40.2 Anni's... and I've never been satisfied driving them with solid state and always come back to tube amps.  My current amp (vintage Music Reference RM9 MK2 with RFT EL34's) has stayed with me the longest of any amp... 5 years.  


roger m's rm9 is one helluva tube amp, had one long ago, always regretted selling it (though my sore back does not hehehe)... that superb amp has nuance and balls too, one of the few tube amps that can match what the better audio research tube amps can accomplish -- not surprised they do well with the big harbeths!  

rip roger...

Well... I'm a bit surprised... I got the Hegel H590 to drive my 30.1's and 40.2's, because when I first tried them with the AR Ref 5SE and Ref 150SE tube amps, the Harbeths seemed to lack clarity and dynamics, and had somewhat boomy bass.  The H590 cleared all of that up, and really made the Harbeths sound like they do in the YouTube videos - which is exceptional!

However, I recently decided to try the AR amps again with both sets of Harbeths and was surprised that after some burn in, they began to excel with the AR amps - especially when using the 16 ohm speaker taps.  Amazing actually with a bit more air and bloom than with the H590 - much as you would expect from a Class A tube set up.  And the bass is well controlled, with texture.  Pretty amazing, actually!

I almost think I like their sound better with the AR tube amps, than with the H590.  Will have to switch back and forth a bit and see... but... right now... I'm truly amazed at the sound they're producing with the tube amps!