Who's Tried the PWB Magic Products?

I just mailed away for, and received the PWB free sample kit of Electret Foil. I read the website, and the testimonials, which seemed like the people really thought that this stuff worked to make the audio systems sound better. I was curious, and it was free, so I asked for the free packet. I first tried it on a record, like they said to do. I played the record first, and then applied the foil, and played it again. No difference. I then applied it to all my components, as well as the record. No difference. I tried playing a few times, in case it needed burn-in. No difference. I can now say that from my experiences, this PWB Foil makes no difference in the sound of an audio system. They make all kinds of things like creams, and sprays, and different kinds of foils, that are supposed to quiet the internal psychological stresses associated with listening to audio. They say that this enhances the brain's ability to process the music, and that everything will then sound better. My tests showed this to not work at all. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has tried Peter Belt's products and had any similar or other results.
TWL: I treat my CD Statmats with PWB foil. It makes a difference in the sound of the CD playback in my system and I have been using it for well over a year now. No difference, that I can hear, on LP playback though.

Without going into detail (I'm too tired to write a book right now) I easily proved, to myself, that the operating theory behind the foil is not a sound one, but I really don't care about this as it makes CD's more listenable in my setup (even when I was using a Bel Canto DAC in the digital front end).

In the beginning I conducted DB A/B tests with a multi play transport and could pick out the treated CD everytime (no mat was used for these tests and the foil was applied directly to the CD) except for a couple of CD's on which I could hear no difference. This was two out of approx. 50 CD's (one was Little Village with Ry Cooder and I cannot remember the other).

Some people hear a difference and some don't.

My player once again ate one of the treated Statmats, which involves removing the top of the deck and fishing it out, and this is my only complaint about my particular setup (this is the fault of the mat/transport, not the foil).

I have other PWB products that May (Peter's surviving wife) sent me to try, but I have not gotten around to them yet. One is a cream and the other is a different foil. Being a Capricorn I have a big problem smearing cream on a CD as my first instinct is to wash it off. LOL.

I have a friend who is familar with some of the other PWB products (he introduced me to the foil during a "sucker" demo) and I will make him aware of this thread.