Who's Replaced Odyssey amps/ Extreme / Klaus

Curious these amps have been hot for years, very good price, very good customer service, and mostly excellent reviews... Whats going over the Top of the line Extreme's? Just wondering cause I am seeing a lot of movement to the Nuforce 9.02's but have heard nuforce and was not that impressed. I am in balance of the 3000.00 price range Myself for some mono blocks... I realize McCormack's 5000.00 amps could be a small step up but whats the Budget Busters in 2006? Anyones experiance very appreciated, even if you bought a used 10,000 Amp to Dethrone them. Thanks
I don't know about thrones -- or why you would wish to dethrone the Extremes. Do you use these and don't like them anymore, or are you interested in comparisons made & the budget required for "better" performance?

BTW, "better" is often a matter of the speakers being powered, as you doubtless know -- also of the sound that tickles your fancy...

One obvious "better" (in many respects) is the original upon which the Odyssey amps are based (Symphonic Line).
Gregm,good points.But,how is Symphonic Line "better" than Odyssey(moreso the mono extreme's}?
Matrix, I still have the Oddyssey Extreme Stratos,
If you want a good amp better than the Extreme.
Go for the BAT 500 with BAK PAK.I own them both.
Talk2me: more dynamic impulse & energy (if you will), of the music is conveyed. This was with well positioned spkrs.
Also pls note that (AFAI remember) nobody found faults/gross negatives, etc, with the Odysseys either...
Jayctoy-what do you find to say you like the BAT 500 w/ Bak Pak more("better")?
Gregm-I wonder what makes the S.L. " more dynamic impulse & energy"?

And this is not to disparage the Odessey in any way.Only to help me understand the differences.Thanks
I replaced my Odyssey monoblocks with a single BEL 1001 MkV amp in stereo mode with less than 1/3 the power rating. It absolutely blew the Odyssey out of the water - there really was no comparison whatsoever. The Odyssey was grossly inferior, particularly in the bass. I later upgraded to a pair of BEL 1001 MkV monoblocks with a very good tube preamp and now I don't think about the next upgrade. I'm too busy listening to music.
I had Odyssey's and thoght they were a great value in solid state electronics. Klaus is also a really great guy to deal with.

I went a completely new direction into micro powered SET tube amps. For me at least, the migration to SET has been one of the biggest sonic improvements I've made to my system (along with going back to analog).
I went from all Jadis gear to Odyssey Extream Monos "glass ceiling". I like the sound better. The Jadis is very rich but no resolution.