Who's Kidding Who ???

Ever see an item that is up for auction that either sells for more then the same item listed by another Agon member who has an ad running at the same time or there are plenty of bidders for the item that is up for auction but after the auction ends, the same item that is listed for sale in the classifieds is still not sold?

I was about to list two items of mine for sale here on Agon but did not want to compete with the same items that were being auctioned. I then noticed that the same items up for auction, were also available for sale by another Agon member and after the auctions ended with plenty of bidders, the other items are still not sold. The items were also rated the same. It makes me wonder who is pumping up the auction prices. Maybe we should be able to see the bidders on Agon like you can on Ebay. What do you think?

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You can see the bidders from the my page feature.
Sorry, guess only if your bidding or running the auction.
Good idea. this is one reason why I prefer to buy and sell classified vs. auction. No chance for manipulation. Willilng buyer and seller arrive at agreeable price, one on one.
If you BID on an auction item you CAN see who else bid, otherwise, no.

There could be a variety of issues why the auction went "better" including conact between potential buyers and seller. There sure are a lot of vagaries in auctions, though.
Your title should read "Who's kidding WHOM".

It's a well known fact that the act of bidding on an auction (that hsa reasonable demand) will drive up the price - it's human nature. Aside from product rating, there's also member rating, payment terms and communication that could also influence this. Having said all that, there's no doubt there are occasional shill bids on items....

PS - I was just kidding correcting your grammar.
Hi, ARTG is right, there are many influances on bidding, I Bid and Auction items regularly. There are certain sellers I trust and I will bid on their items higher that somebody I don't know.
When I am outbid I get a chance to see the bid history. If the person outbidding me does lots of business hereabouts then he is probably a dealer who will drop when the profit becomes too thin.

Also, I once was outbid by a fellow who had terrible feedback. I emailed the seller and told him that my last bid was 'firm' and invited him to contact me if he felt like it.

Needless to say, I got a short Email from the seller a few days later saying, if my offer was still good, we had a deal. I don't know what happened, I just think that the winner turned out to be another jerk and my own positive feedback worked in my favor.
Wait till you put your next "item" on the classifieds,
I'll be putting my "same one" up for auction !!

(Just kiddin Pete) !!
Swampwalker so what about selling...?