Who's heard the Rega Apollo?

Rega claims that the new Apollo blows away the most recent Planet and even is a strong competitor to the Jupiter.

Has anyone heard the player? thoughts?
The recent Hi-Fi+ magazine's review of the Rega Apollo is that it is better than the Planet2K and Jupiter2K. Digital (redbook CD) playback has even even improved in the last 2 years giving more bang with less $$. This looks like the budget CDP to beat. Hope this helps.

I just sold my Cary CDP and will be seriously looking into this unit.
I've been boosting the awareness of the Apollo for some time now. I'm an owner of one for about 1 month now. Superb sound. Terrifically musical. One of the amazing things about it is that older discs are "livened" up amazingly well. Whereas I couldn't listen to them with much satisfaction before, now with the Apollo, they come alive in a very satisfactory way.
Anyone looking at a cdp for $2.5k should give a Apollo a listen.
Sounds like Meridian style at a lower price to me :)
I have had mine for just over a week, and it's one great CD player. I agree with the comments about playing older CD's. The Rega seems to breathe more life into them. :)

But I mostly love that very analog sound.No digital harshness at all without losing any resolution.

I purchased mine after reading some very good reviews about it.(thanks douglas shroeder)
Probably the best hi fi dollars I have spent for quite a while.

Where does the Apollo fall in Rega's range of CDPs, i.e. the Planet and Jupiter?