Who's got the best user name?

There are lots of descriptive or hillarious user names being employed here, but which ones are your favorites?
I laugh everytime I see Loose, and the phrase he puts in front of it.
We used to have a "Cornfedboy" before he went over to the dark side.
well...I think that Nrchy is a pretty cool one...matches your bad boy image too ;o)

others that are cool are gumby...i mean gunbei...slappy...it describes him pretty well

but my all time favorite was the signature

'sincerely I remain,'"Clueless"
I just saw a for sale add by "Superhonestben". That one must help sales.

The signature of "clueless" is great as well. And "Newbee" isn't quite that much of a newbee any more with 833 threads answered.

And "Slappy" is probably the most appropriate name here.