Who's got the best user name?

There are lots of descriptive or hillarious user names being employed here, but which ones are your favorites?
well...I think that Nrchy is a pretty cool one...matches your bad boy image too ;o)

others that are cool are gumby...i mean gunbei...slappy...it describes him pretty well

but my all time favorite was the signature

'sincerely I remain,'"Clueless"
I just saw a for sale add by "Superhonestben". That one must help sales.

The signature of "clueless" is great as well. And "Newbee" isn't quite that much of a newbee any more with 833 threads answered.

And "Slappy" is probably the most appropriate name here.
Wellfed evokes an image... that probably should have been mine :^)

BTW I hate mine as it is my name and is butchered on a regular basis because it is not clear.
The other day I was out on
when I ran across a

Having never seen one of these except in books, I telephoned
to see if he could help me out.

The weather had been so cold I brought along a bottle of
to sip on, as well as a few strips of salted jerky made from

Unfortunately, the moment we unwrapped the jerky, a
and a
attacked, devouring the jerky and we had nothing to eat.

By now we were so hungry we were
even though salted Jerky and scotch can cause tooth
even if you don't snack until your

Yes, we felt pretty much
not having not anticipated the dog attack or the weather as we noticed the sky turning
We realized we were in dire need of rescue, so we put in a call to
and Arnie showed up with his favorite sport utility to save us.

We piled in and stuck the IPod on the
and began to
the best we could with transistors and
we headed, eager to return to my

Watch out!! I yelled to
as he swerved violently to avoid hitting a
who was strolling casually across the raod. We heard two loud
and two of our tires were blown.

Not having two spare's and wondering what to do, a truck passed by with the the name
painted on the side. With a bit of
we had two new tires and with
managed to raise the sport utility enough to begin.

When I used
with a
to remove the hubcaps, the
went flying down the embankment. Luckily I had a rope and using
and two, lowered myself down within easy reach. Unfortunately they were resting on a huge

everyone was saying, what will he do? Knowing
would charge us
and there was no other way, must be the adult rather than
so I held my nose and grabbed the needed parts.

Being the
I handed the parts only after cleaning them,
I don't work with shitty parts.

Anyway, all is well that ends well. I was glad to get home to
and my favorite bird,
Wow, even the grand masters of audiophiles have hidden writing talents. And I thought they were simply busy cryo'ing their next batch of wall outlets.
What about "Bigpowerballs"....Hooooyaaa Albert, there's a live one to include in your Audiogon Epic!

Albert how long did that take to compose? I would have needed a week to research the names alone.
LOL, Albert! That's yet another twist on the 4yanx moniker, which is actually quite pedestrian in comparison. I am reminded by an old buddy that it is also similar to the name of our intramural college basketball team: Four Jerks and a Dribble.
I'm pleased my Audiogon member story made some of you smile.

I wish I could have implemented Sean, TWL, Viridian, Lousyreeds1, Raytheprinter, and countless other Audiogon members.

I ran out of creative steam before I could think up a way to use any more.
My vote goes for Brainwater. What a beautifully appauling sounding fluid. Makes my eyes water just hearing it. ROFL
As i understand it, which i may be incorrect, i think it comes from the first initial B and last name rainwater.
Nonetheless, when it is all together it entertains me to no end. LMAO
Also ELLERY911,
No offence buddy, but for the longest time i thought you were a woman.
Lookin at yer system thinkin, wow, she has a pretty good rig going there!
Well, I guess now there's nothing to do but put the boringest username on Audiogon in the ring of name-fame as an honorary inductee - Albertporter!

(BTW, all usernames ending with the suffix "-man" are automatically disqualified!)
Albert, somehow I missed your novella last week but I am very glad I ran across it now. That was just too funny. Thanks !!!
Nice, Albert. Where were you when I was enrolled in exploratory writing classes?
I was once reading a thread which discussed something about the classic threads on Audiogon and one of them was to do with refigerator, I was laughing for at least a week after having read that, now it is going to be history repeating itself.

Albert I know you were talented, but this is just unbelievable.

Everyone here appreciated your work of art, including those who were in your story, but if I remember reading all of it none thanked you for it. So, on behalf of all audiogoners thank you indeed for having entertained us.
Thanks for not mentioning me Albert. I'm putting off my fifteen minutes as long as possible.
Content to be a wallflower.
Nrchy- It was 15 minutes of fame in the 80's with the population growing at the rate it has, its down to about 90 seconds of fame(maybe less by now).
Was it in the 80's that Andy Warhol said that? Wow I must be getting old. I thought it was earlier. 90 seconds must be with inflation!
Searching through my old threads, I came upon 'Gumbydammit'.
How could I have forgotten that one?
Albert, I just ran across this thread and you've got my eyes watering with laughter. Fantastic!

I'd vote for "Clueless" -- it's a name I can relate to more often than not ;-) Special mention to Brainwater and Gumbydammit.

Then there's Dennis the Menace, Slappy, Ecclectique ... and so many more great ones.
Clueless gets my vote, when you include his/her sign-off line. Haven't heard/seen anything from him/her in ages. You still out there boy?
This has been revived by the kind people at Audiogon. Thanks for asking about it Slipknot1 and to Nrchy for starting the thread.
In one week I've ostracized half of Audiogon trying to be witty. Your talent has firmly placed me into retirement.
Phaelon, thanks for the compliment. I wish all of those members were still posting here. It's more fun with everyone joining in.

I think I have the best name.

Bias aside! :>)

Albert, you made me laugh!

I should come here more often!