Who's got the best mods for the Sony SCD C333 ES?

I'd like to hear from those who have modified their
C333 ES SACD players. Who's mods did you go with?
Are you satisfied with the sound? I am very happy with
the SACD performance, but would like to improve the redbook
performance of mine. Was it worth the $ you spent?
The Modwright mods www.modwright.com are amazing. I had no idea that such a level of improvement could be achieved the mods are $350 all info at his site he also now offers some other options that I haven't yet taken advantage of including the Audiocom Upgrades and Bybee filters.
The mods were so impressive that I sold my Bel Canto Dac 1.1 as the redbook performance of the modded 333es no exceeds it. The same level of improvement has taken effect on the sacd which is a real stunner.
To my knowledge Dan's mod is the only one that offers the signifcant upgrade of the opamps in the analog out. He does great work and is a pleasure to deal with. Bang for the buck it's the best money I've spent on audio.
You should also talk with Stan Warren of Supermods. Search the threads for his phone number in Oregon.
Richard Kern is also in Oregon. Check his website at www.audiomod.com. BTW, why are they all in Oregon? A coincidence? :)

I wonder if there's a good mod wizard to talk to in Chicago area...
From my perspective as an Electrical Engineer who has been in high end audio for over 20 years, I'll put Stan Warren's proprietary output stages up against anything that currently exists! I'm talking Krell, Levinson, Theta, anybody (including the other modifiers). Over the years I have owned various players modified by Warren and they have ALWAYS embarrased the "big ticket" digital competitors in comparisons at local audio salons. Stan has always worked to get the most out of a player by fixing the player's obvious shortcomings, not just doing theoretical mods (cap and reisitor swaps) that some of the other modifiers also offer. Since Stan does not implement the plethoria of minor electrical mods that some of the other modifiers offer, I can only say that I think his output stage is the "best". Unfortunately I know of nobody who has gathered all of the different modifier's units together and done an A/B test, so you'll probably have to base your decision on other people's experiences with individual modifiers.