Who's got a trick tweeter bi-amp system?

Thinking of bi-amping my system. How about some input on tweeter/crossover/amp combos? Main speakers are electrostatics.
Electrostatics usually benefit greatly from biamping (I take you have a hybrid design like Martin Logan). The speaker, model, and whether or not it is applicable for active cross-over are all important. Some speakers are really not designed for active bi-amping (they can be biamped but in a passive configuration meaning the whole signal goes to high and low inputs on the speaker and the speaker cross-over works as a filter for high and low respectively).

If you could give us a little more information on the equipment you are currently using and if you intend on using your current amps or start a new that would make it a little easier for giving advice.
I own Dayton-Wright XG-10's. I am not interested in an anti-D-W tirade. Digustibus non disputandum. I want to know about tweeters. I am currently running a Plinius M-12 and SA-100. The D-W's are passively crossed over to a Gottshalk (Michael Wright knows who he is) subwoofer. The Plinius has more than enough horsepower to drive this combination. As I am getting on in years, I would like to beef up the high frequency portion of my system. The XG-10's are provided with a factory installed switch which rolls off the cells @ 6db per octave above 3kHz to allow for external tweeters.