Who's going to the Home Entertainment show in NY ?

I'll be there all weekend!
Davehrab & Buscis2. Look us up under "Misdemeanor Audio". We haven't actually rented a room to set up. We will be doing that downstairs in the underground parking lot. We find the acoustics there to be much more refined.

We will have plenty of product for sale. So much in fact we had to put helper springs in the back of the Buick wagon.
So please put together that "wish list" that you may have, and bring it with you. What we don't have in stock, we can locate that night. Even the absolute latest products. ESPECIALLY the absolute latest products.

BRING CASH! Or, we will also consider fine condition "full auto" firearms on partial trade.

So come one, come all!
Yea the subway has a nice resonent frequency, you won't need any tactile tranducers.
What the hell are you guys talking about!!!
Meech...I plan on going Friday and Saturday. I have a room in the hotel for the Friday night. As I understand, I believe Lyric Hi-Fi may be having an in store show (not 100% sure) that Friday night. I expect the weekend to be fun and sound filled!!
I will be there, probably on Friday.
It's the weekend of May 22nd.

Hey Y'all,

I will be there on Friday, early. By the time the crowds start setting in, I should be on my way to a late lunch and then home. I look forward to meeting anyone that I can from these pages..........John