Who's familiar with the Monarchy Audio AC-1 PC?

Yesterday I took delivery of an Onkyo A-9555 class D integrated amp. It has an IEC AC socket and I have three available after-market power cords--a 1st generation Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler, a PS Audio Xtreme Prelude, and a humble little Monarchy Audio AC-1, which I bought because it was only $59 and came highly recommended by a high end dealer who clearly trusted her ears over those of sales reps and magazine reviewers.

I started with the Synergistic Research and played the amp 24 hours. It still sounded a little bright, so on a hunch I swapped out this behemoth for the easy-to-handle Monarchy Audio AC-1. Immediately my shoulders dropped and I sensed a lot of the ease I was seeking. Notes had more body and bloom, yet the details of forming the notes--e.g., fingers and picks on strings--remained. It was equivalent to giving the amp 50 more hours of burn-in.

Then I swapped in the PS Audio, which is the latest (and presumably most advanced) design. My shoulders started to hunch back up, though it was better than the Synergistic Research. So back in went the Monarchy and I'm enjoying some classical harp music on LP as I type this.

This AC cable is a little gem. Its price has risen to $89, but it uses OCC copper and it imparts a harmonic rightness that the other cords did not accomplish.

Anybody have a similar experience?