Who's familair with William Topely?

Opinions on this singer/songwriter.
I really like him myself.
I really like his style and writing. I think his best work was on "Prince of the Deep Waters" When he was with The Blessing.
Just heard him for the first time the other day and ordered 5 or 6 of his albums/work off Amazon. First cd arrived today.

In an abstract sense, his style reminds me a bit of Amos Lee - where the more I listen to the album/music the more it grows on me.
all of his records are recorded well too, I got his Blessing DVD and it come with a bonus CD of music that is just fantastic..I went to see his show in Seattle a few years back and he was in fine form. I really like his songwriting. Funny he's a Brit, he sounds American.
Very good!! Check out Anna Montgomery ,has a very strong voice too,Lyin in the face of love