Who's at fault?

Here's the situation, I won an auction here at Audiogon together with another Agon member for a digital cable last September and paid promptly to the dealer who conducted the auction. The winning bid was $143.50, kind of a good buy if you ask me.So I gladly waited for the cable to arrive and two weeks had pass and still no digital cable. I emailed dealer, who had been a great seller for me in the past, anyway the dealer told me that the particular model had discontinued by the manufacturer, but the manufacturer will make couple of cables specially just for the two winners in the last auction. So I said fine I'll wait, a month had pass after that and the Digital cables still has not shown up.
I then emailed dealer again and ask about the status of the cables, they told me that communication with manufacturer was not clear lately and that for me to feel free to contact manufacturer directly. I refused to do that as I felt it was dealers auction and I should only deal with them. Am I right?
Anyway to make a long story short I emailed Agon and they communicated with dealer and I guess ask them to settle the matter with me. At this point I was really furious so I asked for a refund. The dealer then emailed me back apologizing for the incident and said that they will refund my money. They did send me a check with an issue of Stereophile and a battery powered lamp as a gift they said for my troubles. The dealer has been good to me in the past don't get me wrong but this incident made me feel cheated of my supposedly good deal on a good cable.
Well now I just saw that the same cables is being auctioned by the manufacturer again at a starting bid much higher than I won the auction for which makes me think maybe they just did not want to sell me that cable because the price I won it on was too low. Am I right on this assumption? Please let me know? Who's at fault here the dealer for not handling the situation like they should? or the manufacturer who may have delayed the cable's to long so that I will get tired of it and just ask for my money back.
Any comments will be appreciated.

Also the other guy who won the auction with me was also going to ask for his money back the last time I communicated with him.
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I would email the dealer and ask them. Its possible the cables came back out after they had settled with you. It is also tough to comment on what you ask being that there are three parties involved and we are only hearing one side of three.

I dont blame you for not wanting to deal with the manufacturer but the fact that the dealer suggested you try says to me that there was really a problem.

Email the dealer and see what they say.
Hey guys>> I don't know how you can auction off what you don't got!! And this is an example of a good dealer?? Geez,what kind of bahavior are the "not- so- good" dealers up to??
When a retailer is willing to let you contact the manufacturer direct, he is usually at the end of his rope. Depending on his relationship with the manufacturer, he may not be able to get near as snotty with them as you can. In my own past retail life, I would do this on a regular basis with slow manufacturers. If the dealer was anything but honest, you would have been sure to find out in your own communications with the manufacturer. I'd give the dealer the benefit of the doubt here, especially with the the past history you have cited.
If you still need a cable, contact the dealer and ask for the deal he ALLREADY MADE with you. If he has the cable in stock he should send you one COD. If he dosnt have it in stock, after all the trouble he had why is he selling them again? Sounds fishy to me.
The dealer, i agree with the above post. You dont sell what you dont have!!!!!
Is it legal to sell something you don't have? Isn't that a violation of code number 3.2.1 or something? It is not the consumer's (buyer's)problem if the dealer is having trouble with one of their manufactuers. Bottom line is they should not have auctioned equipment they did not have in hand and since they did and they were not able to come through on the cable then you should be able to chose an equally priced cable for the same amount.

I would never bid on something if I knew the person didn't have the stuff. Too fishy, I would like to know the dealers name so I can make sure I don't get into the same kind of jam some time in the future. Agon should enforce this rule....if not, I got some equipment you all might like