Who Remembers the DAK Catalog?

Couldn’t wait each month for the DAK Catalog to show up… Was my 1st introduction to the world of subwoofers - The Down Firing BSR Passive Subwoofer…LOL 😂 … and BSR Equalizers as well.

Who can forget … “But Here’s The Catch” ?

Pretty sure they introduced to the world to a new class of product …

Refurbished”, Factory Recertified 🤦‍♂️

Did have great deals on cassette tapes though.



I purchased several items from DAK including a passive Cerwin Vega subwoofer which was my introduction to subwoofers. I also got a good deal on a Sharp VCR that was actually the best VCR I ever owned, and a Vector Research cassette deck that my brother is still using.

DAK was pretty cool for finding some good deals back in those pre-internet days.