Who remembers the Dahlquist DQ-10's?

My first pair of "high-end" speakers.  Power hungry critters but what I would give for an updated pair.  I powered these with a Peavey CS-400 and a Maccomack Deluxe Line drive passive preamp!!  Those were the days!  Young and dumb I suppose?
Just to share, I worked in the Audio industry at one time and was at the CES when the DQ-10 was introduced.  Two of my best friends still use them.  

No hyperbole, just my experience...I have owned the Maggie 1.6, 3.6 and 20, and various higher end Martin Logan, Vandersteen and some others.  All that said, I remember the DQ-10 as one of my all time favorites.  Their ability to image was part of my audiophile "awakening". 

Had them when they came out.  Fried them...more like smoked them!  Our Bozak B313’s were always the more dynamic and natural sounding speakers throughout the decades.  Their bones still lay in the old family basement, awaiting a resurrection.
The DQ-10 were one of the top two eye/ear opening experiences of my youth at the Chicago CES show.  The second one was watching a tape of Blazing Saddles on the first Advent Videobeam at ....I believe the Drake Hotel, but it could have been the Palmer House.  A good time was had by all.  It was a room with many from Advent but not Mr. Kloss.  Henry was a very private person....I was lucky enough to meet him, a very interesting man....with his Checker Taxi Cab car. 

I found a nice pair with the original manuals and warranty card and the then I was at Goodwill and found the DQ-1W and the DQ-MX1 for $25.00
it's soo funny but out here in California you will see a lot of vintage speaker at tag sales and swap meets for pennys on the dollar and sometimes the homes are being sold by the grand children, and they are not into this old time junk, which is what they call it, kids out here are into 
ipads and skate boards and app's. I found a pair of Bozak 301 tempo's that a young lady was selling because they did not MATCH her IKEA living room set, $10.00 for the set and she asked me " is that too much to ask for them" we have a HAM FEST that starts up at times and you can find things from engineer's that designed audio gear for major corporations like the ALTEC'S and JBL  and a lot of various amp builders then you will find Boutique audio products that are new in the box, that people find OUT DATED because they have the NEW BOSE SYSTEM installed and the wife just loves them off the floor. so I'm just waiting for the COVID to go away and will be on the hunt for some more AUDIO JUNK that the kiddies and new style (IKEA) people are given away!!!! 
I used to sell them in store in Milwaukee (the 70s) then became the Dahlquist rep! So I knew Jon and he was a character! I remember in the 70s there where people STACKING DQ10s- crazy. Yes, you guys are right, DCM Time Windows an the demo room, with Magna Planars and .big KEF 105s.

I still own DQM 909s (that need new drivers) in boxes from the early 80s.