Who remembers the Dahlquist DQ-10's?

My first pair of "high-end" speakers.  Power hungry critters but what I would give for an updated pair.  I powered these with a Peavey CS-400 and a Maccomack Deluxe Line drive passive preamp!!  Those were the days!  Young and dumb I suppose?
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Does anyone remember HIFi Haven in New Brunswick, NJ

Yup, that was a great store. Afterwords, lunch (or dinner) with drinks at Tumultes which is still there, though not in its original location.
Was Tumultes the place with a model train that ran around the room on tracks near the ceiling?
I had a pair of DQ10s from '84 until about 4 years ago. Once I heard the DQ10s at a friend's house in '82 or so, I fell madly in love and just had to have them. And that love affair lasted for almost 30 years through many electronics and other system upgrades.

Regnar refurbished them sometime along the way and I did a few simple tweaks (like replacing the fiberglass inside the speaker cabinet with modern acoustic fiber, which helped the bass as it turns out).

What I loved about the DQ10s is that they just disappeared and nailed the human voice, whether signing or spoken. Listening to a radio talk show from outside the room...I'd swear those folks were sitting in the room just having a conversation.

What I didn't like was the tizzy tweeter, how fussy they were about placement, lack of dynamics, cabinet size/width, and lack of low bass. A great, high-powered, high-current amp helped the sound quality a lot, but still...

I still think fondly of the DQ10s...we had many good years together. I gave them to a friend who's into acoustic music when I got my new speakers. While the new ones are awesome (Wilson Sophia 3s), there is still one thing that the DQ10s did better: that spooky, real voice in the room.

Was Tumultes the place with a model train that ran around the room on tracks near the ceiling?

I think you're correct!

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