Who rebuilds Dynavector Tonearms?

I recently bought a DV 501 tonearm, and it has some play in the horizontal bearing. I don't know how close this tolerance is supposed to be, no play, some play? If someone knows about these tonearms, I sure would appreciate some information. Info as to who rebuilds these would be appreciated, too.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas,
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Hello Marty,

Seasons Greetings! Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated. Hope all is going well for you and yours.

Best Regards,
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Islandman, I have a DV501 that is virtually NOS. It was given to me by a close friend who never used it and bought it new. I also own and regularly use a 505. To answer your question, what do you mean by "play". Where the bearing is located, there should be no play in the verical plane, but the whole assembly can move vertically, in the up direction a bit. But no twist or vertical motion at the actual site of the bearing, between the horizontally pivoted part of the arm and its support.
Thank you, Marty, and warmest wishes of the season to you as well. Decadence is good, in moderation.

Lewm, thanks for your response. The arm feels good as it moves laterally (or in the horizontal plane), very smoothly, there is no sign of roughness, or other indicators of a bad bearing. The main arm can be moved a bit in the vertical, or up and down, if you hold the base of the arm, and gently lift up and down at the end of the main arm. I hope I have explained this well enough to clarify my meaning.

I think I will wait until the project table, a Garrard 401, is completed and see how the arm performs, before I do anything drastic.

Thanks to all, and Merry Christmas
Islandman, that may be normal. If you look at the arm while you are lifting it, where is it pivoting? If it is pivoting at a point below and to the rear of the actual horizontal bearing, that is normal.
Hello Marty, Lew, all,

I want to report I was able to adjust the slack out of the main bearing, it now feels perfect in its rotation, with no slack in the main bearing, as before.

Thanks Guys,
Dan, If you have any questions about your arm try Audiocircle.
Mike Pranka is the Dynavector rep and has a circle under Well Tempered. He is always quite helpful.
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