Who really knows their Pre/Pro's?

Need help - - moving to multichannel but unlike 2 channel I know little about the historical equipment - I have a complete surround set up ready to go, with separate processor, amps, speakers, etc etc. Problem is I want to use multichannel SACD and my processer does not have 5.1 in and 5.1 out.
Here's what I'm looking for: a quality used processor no one wants anymore. I can go out and buy a receiver for 400 bucks new that has this capability, but why pay for all that when I do not need the amplification or the processing (my SACD/DVD player has DTS and everything else in it too). Also, the receiver quality will be junk, but used processors that are "obsolete" and lose value so quickly would otherwise have potentially excellent quality, on par with the rest of my system. So, any older models out there that had this capability? As a side note I think it's sad that there are some 2-3k processors out there that people can hardly give away - like computers...
Steve, You need to decide whether you can live with the older Prologic where the greatest bargains are (often ten cents on the dollar) or newer 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 9.1 where the first five channels are discrete. Since this is newer the used prices are not at such a steep discount. After your choice is clear fellow goners can assist.
A great used pre/processor is an EAD Theatermaster Classic(the later models have DTS). Have seen them for approximately $800-$1000, and originally retailed for $7000.
They also double as a great D/A processor! The two channel stereo mode is one of the best for a pre/pro, the downside of this unit is the lack of on screen menu, and does not have video switching( a separate unit called the Switchmaster can be used for video).
Why do you need a processor at all? Your SACD/DVD does DTS and, presumably, DD also. All you need is an analog 6channel preamp.
Ditto on the EAD they do it right great build quality, tremendous customer service, and remarkable value retention in a very volatile market place. I have been up the food chain with their gear starting with a Theatermaster Ovation then a Signature on to a Pro 8000 and most recently the new Pro 8800. Quite a few owners are trading up to the new gear so you should be able to pick up a nice piece for reasonable money
KR4 is pretty close, What you need is a pre-amp that allows for six analog inputs on one channel. Off hand I can't think of any "old" High end processors that offer that but I'm sure they're out there. And old pro-logic unit (mentioned above) might just do it

I believe what you are asking for is a Digital Processor with an Analog pass through to take advantage of multi channel SACD and DVD-A. A couple of the previous posts mentioned older EAD units. I happen to have a TheaterMaster Classic. It is an exceptional unit but does not have an analog pass through. The next generation Encore, Ovation, and Signiture did have an available upgrade. I do not believe the Classic had that option. I think you are on the right track in your search. Remember if you really are going for the multi-channel route, it's important that your room is set up properly. All five speakers need to be equaldistant to the listener.
There are many pre/pros with analog passthroughs but the OP seems not to need one since his player will do the processing already. A regular 6 channel preamp should do nicely unless he needs DPL.

Among pre/pros, the Bryston and Fosgate come immediately to mind along with the Myryad being offered at a bargain here on Audiogon.

Among analog MCH preamps, I have used (and reported on) the McCormack, BelCanto, McIntosh and AudioRefinement.
sony str da 555es is what you looking for,5 in and out and have every thing you need.Nobody pay attention to it.Worth to check it out.Guess what I sole ML 380,Supratek,Proceed AVP...but still keep it.On the plus side it is cheeeeeaaaap