Who R U?

A while back Garfish mentioned he lked the idea of getting to know some of us better.As no one has started a thread like this before I will take the plunge.I have been involved in and read many heated exchanges here in AudioGon.I hope no one attacks me for this thread saying "who cares about you,this is audio" Anyway,Im 45 and live in W.N.Y.I have never been married but have a music loving 11 year old daughter who lives with me.I have been a nurse for 20 years.Before that I was a Navy Corpsman for several years.I recently became engaged (first time) to a beautiful 30 year old music loving woman.At my age a 30 year old is a keeper and I have never been happier!! My other interests??Im into vinyl,who has time for anything else??
Thank you Gregm!! Yes, I am LUCKY! A very musical household, a kiddo they said would not live and who they told us could not learn foreign languages but, who now is fluent in manderine!! Not just speaking but, writing too!

Thanks, for the warm welcome. I'm enjoying A'gone and dreaming of ALLLL the many ways to spend my money on audio bliss around here!
I am an environmental attorney and also partner in a brownfield consulting company. I live in Chicago (Logan Square neighborhood ... thus my imaginative handle). I'm 43 years old and have been a fan of stereo music reproduction (not necessarily "hi-fi") for almost 30 years. I went through my first real "phase" between 1989-1992, purchasing some decent mid-fi stuff (Denon receiver, Rotel CD player, etc.) I went for 18 years without significantly modifying my system, until I bought an Olive Opus in 2008, and then something apparently really came uncorked this summer (2009) and I started up with a vengeance reading, learning, purchasing equipment, tweaking my listening space, freaking out my wife, etc. I think the internet has been a great facilitator; Audiogon in particular. Thanks! =^)

The interactive nature of the internet is both liberating and terrifying/intimidating, but I will risk humiliation and stay involved in this fun community.
47 yo male. Chicago. medical sales. started this spiral 5 years ago.
i just searched 'Accutronics' and this thread came up. Did Arnie really start Audiogon?? i had no idea. the reason i did the search is because i saw the Ann Arbor club posting and asked if Accutronics was open, and if Arnie was still selling hifi. weird!

anyway, i'm 40 [male] and got my start in hifi about 15 years ago when i bought a pair of old Cornwall IIs from Accutronics in Ann Arbor. i'm an engineer now working overseas at an aerospace company in Berlin, so that means hifi is more expensive for me now than it is for you who live in the USA. not to mention my living space is probably smaller, haha.

since i have decided recently to upgrade my hifi instead of finding a new girlfriend, i have no music loving significant other. perhaps having a big stereo will help me get the chicks?? we'll see, new components are on the way. =)

are there many female audiogon members?
maybe there should be a 'dating' section of audiogon.
That would be a gold mine for the few women who participate here, assuming they would want anything to do with those of us who are single. I'm under contract myself.