Who R U 100K version ?

This one 's for us poor, envious home boys. While I probably will never be able to afford that kind of a system, I think it'll be educational & inspirational to hear from those who have them. Tell us where you've been & what you see in the future for your audio system. Don't hold back ! Bob.
Does that 100K apply to our current system only? Or over a lifetime? Shoot, over the last 35 years I've spent cummulatively double that on A/V stuff.
If you mean current systems, you'll get mostly replies from guys with custom-install Home Theaters, and we all know how "hi-fi" most of them sound.,,
Estrnad, I must disagree with you, one of my best friends has over $150K in his HT, which he has moved himself for three moves in the last two years (while building his house where it hopefully shall reside for some time) and he's quite the ''hi-fi" nut. His HT is absolutely amazing as well!
One question Kennyt: In your friend's HT, how many "in-wall" (oh, puh-leez) or otherwise "concealed" speakers?

He runs the Snell studio monitor B's up front with the rest of Snell surrounds (dipoles) and center. It's a dedicated theater room, and his wife gave him free reign. The rest of the system is all Levinson /Proceed /Faroujda /Runko/ Pioneer Elite etc.. and is fully controllable from anywhere in his house, as well as having access to anything in the room from anywhere in his house.... You should see how easy it is to listen to any of his ~2000 CD's anywhere in the house!! (by the way, the TV's give you the cover, song list, etc., anywhere, for your choosing!)

By the way, he and I have done all the programing for the home control system, which is to the point that anyone (including his 5 year old boy) can operate the system with ~98% accuracey!

I kind of resent the attitude you display, but won't bother to resort to picking on you, I know, there are many people with more money than brains in this hobby, so I'll write it off to that.. but would ask in the future you not immediately attack someone you don't know! (Growing up outside of NYC I can tell you this advice will save your ass in a fight!)

...as for the poor envious boys, I'm in that group, I buy almost everything used, and put together a Linn Activ HT for less the $12,000... Yes, It's not Alan's system, but then again, it was a lot cheaper...and living in a condo, I'd be in huge trouble with that kind of system (not to mention, it wouldn't fit in the living room here on the beach!)

Peace and happy listening!

100K+ on current system. on 2 channel audio only. Bob.