Who puts their speakers right up against the back wall and why?

Aside from Klipsch corner speakers, who does this?
I have a pair of Polk sda speakers that image better than most speakers out there and they were designed to be up against the wall. They even image better than my apogee duetta 2's.
I've heard the Larsen loudspeakers, which are engineered to be put up against a wall.   They're intended for those with room decoration issues that require this.

They sound pretty good, but be aware that their imaging is a little 2 dimensional.   I certainly wouldn't expect ANY other loudspeaker to do better being forced to sit butt up against a wall.  They make the best of a very bad situation.

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My LInn Sara Isobariks sound amazing close up.
People that like crappy sound.
@boomerbillone Well said! When I look at pictures of people's HIGH END systems online, on Instagram, etc, 95% of them have speakers pushed up against walls, up in corners, sunk back in nooks on the wall, very close together... all kinds of stuff. Most people can't just put speakers in the middle of the floor and IMHO far more speaker designers ought to recognize that fact and design for it. I even spoke to a company that makes and sells direct to consumers and they basically told me they wouldn't send me their speaker when I explained the placement constraints imposed by my wife, my young child, and basic aesthetics.

Thankfully room correction is a valid option and on my integrated it made a HUGE difference, completely restoring imaging and soundstage.