Who owns Ayon amps?

I see the ads here on AG all over the place for years. Most threads about Ayon were from years ago. Just curious who are buying the expensive amps? Someone must be. Not a lot of recent reviews, etc. are these thinks built in China?
All those ads are from dealers! 
Read the forums Ayon cdp's have had reliability issues over the years.
I was under the impression they were made in Austria.

Ayon is the former company Vaic based in Austria and built in Austria.
I have about reliability issues on the older forums. I'm not looking to buy one. I just find it fascinating that the ad's are all over AG, however, you never see anyone ask, review, compare anything from that brand. People ask about Levinson, Constellation, you name it big $$ amps. The Ayons, even their upper tier are never in the conversation. I would think the amps would be a hard sell. Maybe overseas they are a big deal. Just curious