Who owns Ayon amps?

I see the ads here on AG all over the place for years. Most threads about Ayon were from years ago. Just curious who are buying the expensive amps? Someone must be. Not a lot of recent reviews, etc. are these thinks built in China?
All those ads are from dealers! 
Read the forums Ayon cdp's have had reliability issues over the years.
I was under the impression they were made in Austria.

Ayon is the former company Vaic based in Austria and built in Austria.
I have about reliability issues on the older forums. I'm not looking to buy one. I just find it fascinating that the ad's are all over AG, however, you never see anyone ask, review, compare anything from that brand. People ask about Levinson, Constellation, you name it big $$ amps. The Ayons, even their upper tier are never in the conversation. I would think the amps would be a hard sell. Maybe overseas they are a big deal. Just curious
I was always wary about that company. They have over a dozen amplifiers and digital, half a dozen preamps and a speaker line. All extraordinarily expensive. Usually, a high end company specializes in one product line and makes only a couple of expensive reference products. Makes me wonder where Ayon gets all this engineering and production talent. 
MastersounD used to Build amps for Ayon. As far as I know the new gear is built in China. 
MastersounD always had a good reputation back in the early 2000’s. A bit pricey, but owners seemed to like them. 
I've had an Ayon Spirit 2 for 10-11 years and never an issue with its reliability
I've always been taken by Christiaan Punter's review (www.hifi-advice.com) of the VAIC 520 synergy with the Dali Icon 6 speakers. Not an expected pairing but apparently out of this world:

Dali Ikon 6 +VAIC Reference 520 

This really is a silly combination: 400 euro speakers with 7000 euro amps (second-hand prices), but this combination really works spectacularly well. Being single ended designs without overall feedback and with little in the way of damping factor, the VAIC Ref 520’s did not drive any of the full range Apogees well, but they are really in their comfort zone with the easy to drive Dalis and now the VAICs’ SET magic really comes out. The combination sounds incredibly powerful with deep and bouncy bass, highly dynamic and direct-coupled yet free-flowing midrange and sweet sweet treble. While certainly not devoid of cabinet resonances and a bit uneven in the bass, nevertheless the humble Dalis are transformed into pure emotion transducers...

@gareneau Christian Punter is my favorite audio reviewer I really love his thoroughness in evaluating equipment.
When you get your gear into your house, support becomes a very valuable asset.
I have an Ayon Eris.  It is a preamp.  No complaints.  It is not as silent as two other Preamps I own - a Daniel Hertz M6 and an Emm Labs Pre2.  This is minor and the 'noise' when one puts one ear to the tweeter is vastly less than surface noise from even a finely fettled vinyl rig.  It has 6H30 tubes and they are liquid gold.  Reliability: 100% after over two years.  It was a store demo so it has been operational in excess of three years.
I have happily owned an Ayon Spirit II for almost 10 years now, and it has never given me a single problem. I purchased a newer Spirit III a few years back, thinking it would be a sonic upgrade from the II, but found I preferred the sound of the Spirit II better compared to the III. I sold the III a few months later, and am still enjoying the Spirit II. It has direct RCA inputs, so it can be used with an external pre-amp if you have a good one. It looks as good as it sounds too!
Ayons do make nice looking equipment
How would someone characterize the Ayon amp "house sound"? Neutral, warm, etc? I'm sure the tubes that one is using play a large role
I have bought CD07s and Orion II 2.5 years ago. And:

- Orion II during guaratee period it was in repair once, in Austria
- remote control was repaired once- now Orion II is in repair for the second time and they are asking 20% of its current value (broken: primary trafo, power bridge, 12V power capacitors and power resistors, ceramic holder of V1 tube); and what I was doing I have just put in tubes 2.5 years ago... and the ceramic holder just got spoiled. I don’t know what parts are inside but it does not look good... not mentioning the production quality...
And what I am speachless about is the reaction. They are selling amps for 2kEUR+ (like mine basic) and they are not ashamed at all this is behaving like this. I feel better treated by producers of mass stuff.
Do not recommend at all.
I am not experienced audiophile, so can not say how the sound compares to others in this price range. But even if the sound is good for the money, so what? My perspective is I will have to add 350EUR per yeay to it and not using for 2 months a year (there s no service in Poland and every time it goes to Austria and it is that slow).