Who offers the best mod for Music Hall cd25?

I am considering getting a music hall cd25 with mods but have no idea how to compare one to another. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks - Bricksalt
PartsConnexction. I think that the way to compare is their approach on what to mod inside and with what parts.

I own the Modwright CD25 and am very happy with it. Dan's quality work is well known and his service is excellent.

I have not heard/dealt with any of the other's so cannot comment.


I am on the same boat.
What did you choose ? How do you like it ?
You might want to go with another player - some have spent 4k on mods and are still disappointed with the sound - his Rega Planet sounds better.
$4000 on mods! What are you talking about? Most of the mod packages are in the $500 range and you can buy brand new, already with mod package, CD25's for under $1000. I don't know of anyone who even offers a mod package over $1000.

I think the review at Audiophile Edition would refute this. Reading from their review with a direct comparison between a UNMODIFIED CD25 and Rega Planet 2000 its fairly obvious they prefered the CD25.
Check out Sound Odyssey. Their mods sound really imteresting.
I know it is difficult to convert sound into words.
But could you be a bit more specific ?
Thanks in advance.
Sorry didnt mean to mislead you. I havent heard the Sound Odyssey Music Hall. Sometime back I was looking for a modified Music Hall and and studied and talked to some of the modders. I was really impressed with the work being done by the Sound Odyssey folks. Go to their site and check it out. Their mods seem more comprehensive and most promising. I ended up going another route and buying a transport and DAC.
Looking at the same question - have you decided yet or closer to the info you wanted...