Who mods the EAR 834P

Anyone know who upgrades this phono box?


The Analog Room in San Jose does.
Try Mitch Singerman as he has sevral levels he offers, do a search and you will find many rec. him.
I tried e-mailing the general address at pkm audio as a way to contact Mitch Singerman, but I never received a response (all too common, it seems, in high-end audio). I'll look into the Analog Room. Can anybody recommend this place? Any other suggestions?

Here is Mitch Singermen numbe for any one needing EAR 834p mods or repair (310)823-5145
Mitch is the man for the job.
Mitch is the DUDE!!!
You really owe it to yourself to contact Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound Co. His mod of this unit is amazing! Some NOS Mullard CV4004's and your of to the races. For what it's worth, I love mine...
I've contacted both Steve and Mitch. Thanks for your input, everybody.

I love mine as well. Agree with Gmele. Northern Sound mod, NOS CV404 and it will be state of the art.
You can also contact PartsConnexion. Chris Johnson is the founder and also former owner of Sonic Frontiers.

If it was my choice and I had the $, GNS first, PCX second, Mitch third, and Analog Room -- never.

Just my .02.
That's a little harsh on the Analog Room. They were recommended to me by Dan Meinwald of EAR USA and did a fantastic job on my 834P. Very quick, professional work, beautiful layout, beautiful sound. No complaints.

It is not harsh at all. You should have been here to receive the TT I bought from Brian!
No wonder the FedEx guy ran away after leaving it on my doorstep!
Brian did NOTHING to rectify the situation. It took me months to get the parts I needed through distributors.
It is harsh when it comes with no explanation. Now that you've explained yourself, the evaluation seems justified. Nonetheless my experience with them was fine as I detailed above. As so often YMMV.
I've got a modded EAR 834P and was able to do extended comparison to my old unmodded one. Night and day, even that I loved the unmodded one. Also NOS Mullard CV4004's are fantastic. That's what I settled on.

I bought this particular 834p already modded and it's an extensive mod, but I don't know who did it so can't recommend source alas. It looks like the mod is very substantial upgrade of parts. I can email you pics of unmodded vs modded if you like, it's a kick.