Who makes this Pre-amp?

Octal based 6NS7 or 12NS7, 4 inputs, 2 outputs, tube rectified, point to point wired with top shelf parts. Remote control, at least volume control is a must. One balanced input and one balanced output a plus. HT by-pass is not necessary. Dual mono would also be nice but not necessary.
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Check out Mapletree Audio:  https://hollowstate.netfirms.com
I have the Ultra 4C Preamp that came with an external tube rectified power supply.  Unfortunately, I don't think that he still offers the tube rectification anymore.  Regardless, it is a great sounding preamp and he offers customizing.  For mine, I ordered the Auricap option and a mono/stereo switch.
I have a Mapletree 2A SE with tube rectification. That’s where I got a love of the octal tube. Just want to see if I can move up with this type of pre and add a remote.
They build exactly what you describe, sound is off the charts, ask for Peter.


I'm looking for similar but with tone controls and a headphone jack.
Does anyone know if Don Sachs can add a headphone jack? Could the preamp circuit drive headphones? Or, do you need a separate headphone amp circuit?
Doug Sachs preamps include PCB’s, so it is not strictly a point-to-point wiring job. Also a quote from his custom line stage landing page regarding his finest preamp: “I cannot do XLR outputs, so please don’t ask. Also, I no longer wish to build preamps with HT switches, so please don’t ask for that either.”

But the Sachs line stage appears to check all of your other boxes. It’s got great aesthetics, and many attest to it having great sound quality.