Who makes these? what is the value on them?

I inherited some slightly older equipment. It has been sitting in my basement unused for 3 years, I am trying to sell it, but not sure the best route. I went on to the bluebook part of this site and got some values, but can't find my speakers.

They are made by Soundwave, and are called Grand Soliloquy (sp? at work right now). Large HEAVY speakers. Triangle shaped with two 6" and a tweeter on both sides of speakers. Shape is triangular. like this
/ \
| |
The speakers are on the front sides. Almost bipol/dipol in design. I hooked it all up and they sound BEUTIFULL, unfortunately I don't use them that much and I want to use the money to get some higher end camera equipment.

Here is the other equipment.
Classe cp-50 (D/A converter)
2 B+K Components Reference 4420 2 channel amps
Theta Data Basic Cd transport
Theta DsPro Basic III digital signal processor.
And some rather large speaker cables that

where do you think the best place to sell this equipment?
You will get less b.s. here, although sometimes the folks at fleabay overpay for stuff.
Bphillips330 asked:

"where do you think the best place to sell this equipment?"

Take some really good pictures and auction them here on Audiogon. I may be wrong, but I think A'gon will get you the best price the quickest of any other site. Unless you're very lucky, you'll get screwed in you local Craigslist or at a dealer. Generally you need to know your stuff well to sell there or Ebay. Set up auctions here and you'll get representitive serious buyers. Great pictures are a must, including details of any flaws.

For your reference, there was a pair of Soundwave speakers posted in the classified ads here today. Here's the link:


There are also ads for your B&K amp and the Theta stuff currently on A-goN. The available current ads should help you with pricing.

I'm a fan of AudiogoN for selling.


I own a pair of these speakers.
They are Soundwave Grand Soliloquy Seris II.
They retailed for $3600 and were made from the early 90's to the late 90's.
They were built south of Rochester,NY in the sticks of honeyoe falls-Lima close to where Bobby P. who owns Merlin has his shop in the basement of a old school house that has been converted for rental for small businesses and manufaturing businesses.
Jim Gala who owned Gala Sound in a suburb of Rochester had Vero Research Corp. build 4-5 Soundwave models,and the Grand Soliloquy was the top of the line.
These speakers were sold at Gala Sound,and Jim Gala had a dealer network that sold these speakers from Buffalo down to Florida.
The economy of the 90's forced Jim to stop production of Soundwaves in 1998 and a short
time later Gala Sound went under.
The remaining stock of Soundwaves were sold by SoundConcept in a suburb of Rochester.
Sad,but Soundconcept has just gone under after 30+ years in business.
The Soundwaves I have were bought by a friend of mine who lives in the same town as me, 40 minutes south of Rochester,and he bought most of his gear at Gala Sound.
Gala Sound never sold any tube gear, and were heavily on the solid state bandwagon.
The Soundwaves were voiced with solid state amps,and my friend drove his Soundwaves with a Krell KSA-250.
2 years ago my friend went from 2 ch to HT 5.1 and bought 3 Merlin TSM's for the front 3 ch's.
He was planning on selling his Soundwaves so I brought them to my home for an audtion with my gear.
After listening to them with a 35 wpc tube amp,within 30 seconds I knew I had to own these speakers.
They beat my Thiel 3.5's that I ran with a Threshold S/300 stasis hands down in all areas.
So the Soundwaves stayed and the Thiels were sold.
They are 5 Sided with a black grill cloth sock.
The have 2 tweeters,2 mids and 2 bass drivers per speaker.the mid and bass drivers are at different heights on each side of the speaker. The other speaker has the mids and bass drivers installed opposite of the other speaker.
They were made to be placed with 1 speaker on the left facing the speaker and 1 speaker is to be placed on the right.
It shows L or R speaker on the binding post plate.
With the stagering of the heights of the mid and bass drivers on 1 speaker and the oposite on the other,this was done to create a 180 degree sound field.
They are 90 dB 7 ohms and have coherent phase x-overs.
These speakers are easy to drive and I've used a 9 wpc tube amp with them to volume above my hard rock and metal tolerance level.
Since these speakers were only made for 6-7 years and sold on the east coast,I think its safe to say,very few audiophiles have ever heard of Soundwave,and that makes these speakers a very tough sell.
I was surprised several months back when I saw Soundwaves for sale that were located in Michigin.The same ones currently for sale.
What surprised me was these speakers were sold farther west than I had thought.
The seller didnt have boxes and was looking for a local sale only.He didnt have a manual either and had his specs and other info incorrect (and still does) I emailed him and wrote him how his speakers were going to be a tough sell,espcially with no boxes to ship,and I ended up selling him my mint boxes and manual.
I suggested he list a add in Craigslist in every major city on the east coast.
I figure since the highest concentratio of Soundwaves were sold on the east coast,he may catch the attention of someone who once owned or wanted to own these speakers,or someone that had heard about them and how good they sound,may be the only way he can sell his speakers.
To Bphillips,since you really like the sound of the Soundwaves,I suggest you keep them and listen to them more often.
sorry for any spelling or grammer errors. Its 4am and I should be asleep.

I too own a pair of the Soundwave Grand Soliloquy speakers. Mine are the orginal ones and not the MK IIs. The reason why they show up in the Michigan area is because I was one of his home dealers when I lived in St. Joseph, MI. These speakers sold very easily and I had folks from Florida, Indiana, and West Virgina puchased pairs from me due to my day job.

About eight years ago I had to have the mid/woofers re-surround/coned. Apparently the glue Jim used on the originals did not mate well with the cone material and stayed in gel like state. Well, apparently I played them a little too loud (Threshold S450e amp) and separated the surround from the cone. A guy just north of where I live today (western PA) repaired them for a very reasonable price. He said he had never seen this before. Even though it had only occurred on one of the mid/woof drivers, I had him do all of them just in case. When he removed the drivers, he showed me the XOs and the parts and wiring were all top of the line. The drives were all custom made by Peerless (mid/woof) and Focal (tweeters) if IRRC.

They still sound amazing and I could sell more today (especially the stand mounted ones) if they were still in business. To add to David99 story above - at one point Jim, Dave Bellis, and the owner(s) of Magnum Dynalab had teamed up to help each other. This kept Jim afloat for a couple of more years.

If I were you, I would keep them and enjoy their sound signature.

I remember those speakers. I heard them at an Absolute Sound store in Orlando (or was it Sound Advice? can't remember) while visiting my brother back the the early '90's. They were set up in the "high-end" demo room and I think they were paired with Krell electronics. I remember we listened to most of Enya's "Shepherd Moon" CD and they sounded positively ethereal- with monster bass! -jz
I have a pair of the smaller soundwave metronomes and they sound fabulous. I wish they were still in business.
I have twp pairs of Vero/Soundwave speakers, a pair of larger floor standing PS 2.0's and a second smaller pair, not sure of the model# of those. The PS 2.0 is a ported 5 sided with a Morel tweeter on a VERY narrow baffle between the longers L and R sides of the cabinet where the 2 8" woofers are located and a second top mounted tweeter. I stole these off eBay for about $230 for the pair.

The second pair are also 5 sided but with 2 8's and 2 tweeters, but the woofers and tweeters are both mounted on the two angled front sides. These are only about 26"-28" tall and are sealed. I use them as surrounds and the PS2.0's as L/R in my HT setup and LOVE them. I know they made a center channel spekaer as well, and I have been searching for one of those for the past 18 months.

Anyway, these are GREAT speakers for anyone who has a chance to buy a pair, I strongly recommend them.
Thanks for all the info! I also have a pair of the Grand Soliloquy's that I purchased from a friend when he upgraded to Linn Isobarik's. Up until now I had only seen one pair for sale on Audiogon a while back. I use mine in a home theatre setup with one of the smaller (20" high(?)) Soundwaves as a centre channel.
What is funny is I live near Vancouver, BC Canada, which is a long way from New York and these speakers were part of a large inventory of them that a friend purchased from a local distributor that went belly up. As a result, I personally know around ten people currently using various Soundwave models.
I love the speakers and it is great to get a little history on them and know that others feel the same way.
I just bought silloutee which is the book shelf.   Sound amazing.  Now I want to see if I can my hands on floor standing ones.  
I heard that grand soliloquy is top of the line.  But I saw the pointsourve 4.0 was also top of the line.  Either or I think they will sound great as the little Soundwave sounds so good 
Good, a fairly recent posting.  Very interesting speaker line.  Well, I have to say at least one pair has made it out to the Southwest.  I just found a pair of VR3s at a Santa Fe, NM Salvation Army for 20 bucks.  Had never heard of them and did some quick smartphone research, and snagged them.  Of course I figured something was wrong with them.  One of the cabs had the tweeter grill inverted and something was rattling around in there.  I was praying it was the tweeter that had come loose, and was still in there.  Took them home and immediately unscrewed the tweeter grill.  Lo and behold, there was the tweeter.  Plugged the speakers into an amp, one entire cab worked perfectly, the other wasn't getting the two higher frequency drivers (I guess one is a mid, maybe both tweeters?)  Anyway, the fully functional one sounded excellent.  I tested the two non-functioning  drivers, independent of the crossover to see if it was a crossover problem, and fortunately it is, because I'm sure original replacement drivers are impossible to find.  .  Anybody have crossover issues with this brand before? So, I'll be digging the crossover out and hopefully it's an easy fix.  Any advice appreciated.
I got the pointsourve 4.0.  Sound great.   Had a local guy change the tweeter.   Told me made by morel.   
Just too big.  Sound phenomenal.  
I will consider selling if a good price