Who makes super quiet XLRs around $1k?

I’m looking to buy a pair of XLR that is super quiet, lowest background noise and ambience for around $1k?
Currently testing a pair of Transparent Ultra Gen5 and it’s very quiet...
Thank you
NORDOST FREY work for me 
@akg_ca I thought Nordost was the last brand designed for quietness but as for this hobby, anything is possible .
Two things with NORDOST in my experience

(1) I upgraded to the FREY in their NORSE 2 model series and dumped the lower LEIF series models. Their upgraded models are a BIG STEP-UP in audio performance (... I’ve had both ....)

(2) I experimented with a lot of different major cable brand options. Eventually, I upgraded to a full all-FREY cable loom that produced that ethereal transparency, openness and “ quietness” (an ill-defined, subjective and biased descriptive term ) in a $30K 2-channel system.

Like with every other audio system, system synergy - including cables - is an experimentation hands-on trial and error bespoke journey down the Yellow Brick Road to audio OZ .... the full matched loom array bested the many contenders and pretenders at their price-point in MY system ( emphasis added).

Want something  much better look at PURIST.
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