Who makes Magwire Speaker Cables ?

Reading a few on line articles about Magnepan and speaker cables. Came accross one and they were raving about this Magwire Speaker Cable? Enough to get my interest and I wanted to find out more but I cannot locate any Magwire?
Any idea who makes this or where I can locate additional info?
That's funny! Well, you can save a lot of money in wires by not connecting you system together.....


How you doing? My system is so screwed up right now the best thing I have going is my rack.
Hey Dave,

Magwire was a company run by a gentleman down here near Cincinnati (actually in Lawrenceburg, IN, I believe). I conversed with him a few times several years ago. I haven't seen any ads from him in a while, so I think he may no longer be producing cables.

BTW, Paul Speltz's Anti-Cables are basically the same thing as Magwires. He uses magnet wire for speaker cables and interconnects. You can just buy magnet wire and make your own speaker cables. You will need to somehow remove the laquer from the wire. You can probably sand it off or use a soldering iron to melt it off. Then clean and tin the ends. Or you can likely use a solder pot to burn off the laquer and tin it all at the same time. Of course, you can put spades or bananas on the ends if you so desire.

Hope things are good for you. Did you finally settle on a CD player and amp?