Who makes Kuzma turntables?

...i couldn't open their web page. If they have one?
Have you tried www.kuzma.net/kuzma_menu.htm ? Their site is active so you should be able to open from this page. Richard, Vantage audio
As the US importer of Kuzma products, I would be happy to answer any questions that you have. In response to your specific question, Kuzma products are produced by KAT located in Slovenia. Kevin Halverson
kuzma tt's are made in slovenia and are imported into the us by muse electronics (kevin halverson). you can find info on all of them @ museelctronics.com
sorry if my post looks stupid. i submitted, apparently, virtually simultaneouly with kevin's. i will add, however, that the entire kuzma line represents excellent quality for price. the top-of-the-line model, i believe named "xl," is simply the best tt i've ever heard (listened in the muse suite @ 1999 ces). what's more it is an artistic masterpiece that might be enjoyed as an art deco or bauhaus sculpture even when switched off.
http://www.kuzma.net/ That is the Kuzma website.