Who makes JUST a processor????

I have been bitten by the upgrade bug (once again)! My current system is used for music (70%) and home theater. All of my equipment is seperate, including my DD processor - a Yamaha DDP-2. I have enjoyed the Yamaha for several years but am wanting to have the ability to decode DTS. I have looked at a ton of pre/pro's but none near my price range have all of the features I want (with the exception of the Outlaw 950 but...). What I have NOT been able to find is simply a processor (without the preamp capabilities). Is there a company that JUST makes a processor for DD and DTS? I just want a decoder that will take the digital signal from a DVD/LD, process it, and pass the 5.1 analog signal to a SEPERATE pre-amp. Too many of the pre/pros (Hell, almost ALL) take the incoming signals, whether digital or analog, and convert it to digital - even with two channel. New or used is fine - DD and DTS a must but don't really care too much about 6.1/7.1 capabilities. Thanks!
Look into a used Sony EP9ES digital proc. and a Millennium dts proc. They mate very well together,the only drawback being you need extra interconnects. These are two components that really overachieve in processing Dolby Digital and DTS respectively,and the best part is that you can probably get both for under 500 dollars. If you need more info contact me as I have used this combination before.
Treyhoss -

There are a few out that I know of, one box wonders. The Techincs AC series, probably less than $200, but I will tell you my favorite, is the McIntosh MDS-4. Now this this WILL cost anywhere from $900 (if lucky) to $1,200, but this unit does EVERYTHING the MX-132 does as a processor! The best part though, prologic, DD, DTS, but it comes with its OWN remote! There is no switching involved, but for a few bucks more, buy the MVS-2/3 and it is a McIntosh swither!
NOW, this set up is exactly that of the MX-132 ($7,000 list) shy of the tuner! There are professionals that feel this set actually sounds better for films since there is less procssing to work through. Yeah, not sure about that, as I doubt anyone or any system would be able to notice small chages for surround sound like that!

Other than that, MSB Technology might be able to add DTS for $$$, probably less than $500 (guess) to your DDP-2.

Keep us informed with the route you take.

Thanks for the great suggestions - you guys are great! I'm looking very hard at the new Sony TA-P900es pre-amp which accepts TWO sets of 5.1 inputs and a stereo bypass. That piece also got an A rating in the latest 'Phile recommended componenets list. It was reviewed in 10/01. I will keep you all posted. Thanks again!