Who makes half size transports thes days?

Looking to WAF upgrade the living room with half size components due to separate audio room for me now available - yay!!

Who make them new ala MF Xray size or what older ones should I consider??

It will be run into a BenchMark dac to a small fully balanced tube pre to a good small gainclone to Paradigm Studio 40 V 4's or Sig Version 1.s. I am going to use all custom length Signal Cables and maybe a PS Audio Duet for power conditioning.
Apple Mac Mini (+HagUSB) - exactly the size you are looking for.
Cyrus does make a shoebox transport. Check their website.
Buy a Slimdevices Squeezebox and have your whole library at your fingertips!
cyrus...accept no substitute.
Audio note and Cyrus come to mind, though Cyrus only makes CD players, not transport-only devices (though they're reputed to be very good).

Meridian transports are 2/3 width and very high on the WAF.
For something off the beaten path, there is the Sugden Bijou CDmaster and Audio Analogue Primo. Then there is a balanced, transport-only design called the ISEM eGo Phase 2. It is very cool but hard to find the USA.

In addition the the Xray, I know of Audionote and possibly Teac/Esoteric.

BTW, a really cool system for WAF is a half size transport connected to a Red Wine Audio Reali-T preamp/DAC/amp (all in one tiny box). The Clari-T amp built into the Reali-T combo requires high efficiency speakers, but it sounds excellent and it is tiny. The reali-T combo box is about the size of a half size CD transport.