Who makes half size transports thes days?

Looking to WAF upgrade the living room with half size components due to separate audio room for me now available - yay!!

Who make them new ala MF Xray size or what older ones should I consider??

It will be run into a BenchMark dac to a small fully balanced tube pre to a good small gainclone to Paradigm Studio 40 V 4's or Sig Version 1.s. I am going to use all custom length Signal Cables and maybe a PS Audio Duet for power conditioning.
In addition the the Xray, I know of Audionote and possibly Teac/Esoteric.

BTW, a really cool system for WAF is a half size transport connected to a Red Wine Audio Reali-T preamp/DAC/amp (all in one tiny box). The Clari-T amp built into the Reali-T combo requires high efficiency speakers, but it sounds excellent and it is tiny. The reali-T combo box is about the size of a half size CD transport.
For something off the beaten path, there is the Sugden Bijou CDmaster and Audio Analogue Primo. Then there is a balanced, transport-only design called the ISEM eGo Phase 2. It is very cool but hard to find the USA.

Audio note and Cyrus come to mind, though Cyrus only makes CD players, not transport-only devices (though they're reputed to be very good).

Meridian transports are 2/3 width and very high on the WAF.
cyrus...accept no substitute.
Buy a Slimdevices Squeezebox and have your whole library at your fingertips!
Cyrus does make a shoebox transport. Check their website.
Apple Mac Mini (+HagUSB) - exactly the size you are looking for.