Who makes great active preamps ? Tube or solid state or hybrid.

It appears, it is not Pass, Rowland, even Lamm etc. Who then ? 
I heard about Ypsilon, though some say it is a little bright and forward sounding.
My faves for ENTIRELY different reasons:
Conrad JohnsonAyreCAT
Add Backert to the list.
In a lower price category, I have enjoyed my Vincent pre. I have not owned a hybrid before, and am satisfied with the results. 
There are still many great preamps made, what is your budget?
Well, I'd add Jadis and second the Shindo and VAC recommendations.  But I must have missed something, maybe in another thread--who is claiming that Lamm, Rowland and Pass don't make great active preamps?  My experience with Lamm alone would dispute that claim.