who makes good sub cables

I have 2 velodyne hgs 15's and want to get a couple of good sub cable's but can't find much out there. So far just monster and tributaries is all i have found. Can anyone help. Price range between $80.00 and $200.00 each.
thank's for any ''positive help''.........ringo
Ringo, DH Labs (BL-1) and XLO make very good cables designed specifically for subs within your budget. My BL-1 works well with my REL sub. Try fatwyre.com , this is the website for The Cable Company, or eaudionet.com. They can order it for you, and may have them in stock. They might offer an in home trial arrangement as well. I have had Monster and Tributaries. They were a good start, but both XLO an DH Labs are superior. That's quite a lot of fire power you've got there. Good luck.
Thank's ''bmpnyc''
your info was very helpfull. I want a high end cable, and yes i have alot of fire power! lol. I am a old school bass freak! Thank's again for the info.
Ringo, the rca connection just feeds the servo correction circuit, so the quality of the cable is relatively unimportant. The speaker cable is important, and try shotgunning some major brands. Ed
XLO makes a KILLER subcable, as does Audioquest.
AQ Midnight or Clear do excellent jobs as bass cables. Both can be bought used for a fraction of their original cost.
Oz, do you know the model number or name of the XLO
cable you are recommending. I wonder if it outguns my DH Labs BL 1?