Who makes good quality bananas ?

I need to purchase some bananas for some speaker wire. I would prefer some that can be crimped onto the wire and then left alone. also, some shrink wrap for sealing everything in would be good. Where can i find this stuff and any thoughts on who makes the best ones would be appreciated. Thanks.
Try WBT. They are some of the best I have seen. Arthur
I like Dole, the audiophile's banana.
www.partsexpress.com also sells some by Dayton, screws down on the wire.
Stay away from Monster Cable bananas. IMHO they are cheap crap, can't handle anything larger than 16 gauge wire.
WBT - There's nothing better.
Good luck!
I used to collect those Chiquita stickers as a kid....
As far as banana CONNECTORS go : ) I like the WBT's the best out of those that i've tried.

As far as "bananas" ( the fruit ) goes, Bob Dole says: "Bob Dole likes Dole bananas the best". : )

Personally, i've never been able to tell which brand is which or found that i liked one brand over the other. As far as i can tell, i like all brands pretty equally. That is, so long as you peel them first. I've never done a DBT with the peels on. THAT could be the deciding factor : ) Sean
Looks like WBT is ahead of both chiquita and dole....and that big monster thingy....thanks
I have to point out that Chiquita have much better value for a spent dollar than WBT especially when you're in vitamin hunger during Spring.
Try the Cardas also. But if you can use spades, forget about bananas unless this is for a jumper.

Check out Parts Express for heat shrink, they have compression bananas also. What is the speaker wire you're using? The brand of banana may become a non-issue.
hello carbonfiber, the wire i have is linn's k400 bi-wire.
Cool. I was just wondering. Sometimes people care more about the connectors that the wire. If the wire was inexpensive the comprssion bananas from Parts Express and Cardas work very well and are not expensive. Music Direct has the Cardas compression bananas also.
Right on...many tanks...opps..thanks.
OK folks,
I've experimented with Cardas connectors(posts, spades and bananas) in comparison to Dayton from Parts Express and realy feel that buying Cardas we're overpaying tooo much for the name.
Dayton has a great performance at fraction of Cardas price and very simple to terminate or mount.
Thanks all but listen to this crazy idea. Why not bypass the connector all together and strip the wire about 1/2 inch and slide it into the speaker terminal and then wedge in a piece of something to keep it tight. Yes, I know that you would have to make sure your wedge was real tight and you couldn't change speakers without alot of difficulty but if you are going to keep the system and not fool with it why not? Seems like the best connection without splicing right onto the wire in the speaker itself. Any thoughts?
I personally have bannana and spade-free connectors and thus prefere the binding posts that can accept everything from bare wires to spades and/or bananas.
Didn't know that such binding posts were available but it sounds like the way to go. So are these available thru parts express in different varieties?
WBT bananas , furutech rhodium spades the 60gbp for a set of 4 are screw down then heatshrink over the top everything is provided in the box
BFA bananas all the way.  they have solid contact all the way around and into the terminals and have a very strong grip.  there are various types of attachment.  i use nerve audio on ebay.. i buy copper sleeves to put over them and crimp the crunk out of them.  it's a very secure connection.

i also used these once.  audioquest.  they came with crimp sleeves and were even more solid, but also bulkier. but you don't have to search for copper crimp sleeves.

either way, check out BFAs.  more contact area than a spade and stronger spring force than regular bananas. 
Furez makes some stellar termination products and they have different gauge sizes.

I have used their silver plated copper bananas and was very satisfied

Any love for Eichmann bananas?
Yeah, right here. 

I just replaced Audioquest bananas with Eichmann sawtooth bananas I bought from VH Audio.  I like them more than the Eichmann bayonets and they are way better than the AQ bananas.
Props to Chris at https://www.vhaudio.com/ for quality products and great customer service at fair prices.
I've read here and at other places that these work well: https://douglasconnection.com/product/furez-tstsb40ag-silver-plated-copper-banana-plug-connectors-pair/

There are other types and sizes to fit various gauges of wire.

All the best,