Who makes cables for McIntosh?

I used to own a full Mac set up complete with cables but sadly sold it a couple of years ago. However I miss the cables and want to wire my current set up with Mac cables. The problem is the Mac prices border on ridiculous. I've heard that Mac uses someone else's cable as a basis just like they use Clearaudio as the basis for their TT (a great one btw). Does anyone knows who makes the cables for McIntosh so that I can save some cash?
There was a company called Tributaries that was the so called ’unofficial" cable of McIntosh. This was several years ago.

Also, McIntosh should be abbreviated "Mc", not Mac.  Mac is Apple's Macintosh.
Sure sorry. What I heard is that McIntosh hired a well known cable company like Audioquest, took their cable, slapped their logo on and sold it as McIntosh cable (just like they made their TT from Clearaudio). Nothing wrong with it, the cable is wonderful yet a bit too pricey for me these days so I was looking for original version which of course goes for less $
In my many years and many McComponents I have found that Cardas is most pleasing to my ears. I started with Monster years ago, moved on to Tara Labs lower end then thru many other trials and utilization of The Cable Co lending library landed on Cardas. Buy used here on Audiogon and save the money.

I think McCables are made by Tributaries for them, thru some relationship of the two companies joined at the hip years ago.
But in my experience, I have found Tributaries to be bright, however their digital/video cables are a great value. My opinions of course.

I started a thread about the MAC vs. Mc years ago and was shot down as MAC was the correct abbreviation, however I totally agree with MoFi that has joined the camp:)

+1 for Mc not Mac!