Who makes blue-ray w/universal player ?

I have a denon dv-2900 ; thinking of either replacing
with a blue ray -- if it can do universal playing ; DVD-A,
SACD, DVD, and cd.
OR - can this be ungraded to hdmi - then will it match blu-ray-- does it already have blue -ray performance ?
I do not understand what you want to know but:
1. The DV-2900 cannot be upgraded to play BluRay nor will its HDMI output be upgraded for other formats.
2. There are several universal/BluRay players.

Blu-ray is a higher resolution video format than DVD. If your TV can handle 1080p, 1080i, or 720p, it will be a big step up in video performance from DVD. If your TV is old or small, you might not see a big difference.

The Oppo BDP-83, or BDP-83SE, will play all that you have listed. Go to their web site to read the details.

A DVD player can't be upgraded to match the high resolution Blu-Ray performance. That's sort of like trying to upgrade a VHS player to match DVD. Can't be done.
if this is a long term piece check out RAM of riverside for the upgrade to the oppo deck youll never look back
I should have added that Blu-ray discs also will give you access to hi-rez audio and codecs that typically are not available on regular DVD.
To get a Universal disc player that includes BluRay,SACD,DVD-A,DVD,CD,MP3 the ones that I am aware of are the Oppo, marantz, Denon and soon to be released Mcintosh. I am waiting for the McIntosh before I decide.
I have a 5910ci that will be replaced by the new player.
If anyone knows of a brand I missed I would be interested as well
Soon to be released: Cambridge Audio, Lexicon, Ayre.....
I like the Oppo for SACD better than the Denon 5910. But, I prefer the Denon for CD.
just saw the 'road test' of a Denon Universal.....don't remember model #.
It was also 4500$, which is 9x the OPPO of 95% the performance.
Given how temporary formats are these days and the rapid pace of so-called improvements, the OPPO is the no-brainer choice.
The Oppo is only a a "no brainer" if analog sound is not your concern. If it is and you have the budget, then the Oppo is probably way down the list, even in SE guise. The Ayre will likely be the highest performing but the Denon is getting good reviews as well at half the price of the Ayre. You could also consider the NuForce Oppo player or getting the Oppo and having it modded by one of the known modders (e.g., Modwright, etc.)
Sony PS3

John C.
Would you believe......? The OPPO with a good DAC?
I have experimented with my DV981 optical into my CA840c's input......
An improvement to be sure.

I am not up to speed on the mod guys. I wonder how, within weeks of issue of a new player, that they can come out with several levels of 'package'.

I wonder how many of the changes are boiler plate and how many were the result of listening tests.
oppo 83SE is the only way to go, as others have commented. Great value. Means you can sell off all the other players you have, and maybe have a profit. Hurry!
Another vote for Oppo!