Who makes Beautiful / Attractive Speaker Cables?

I am going to put a system in to the master bedroom. Linn Classik Di, Opera Callas speakers, HD TV. Hiding the speaker cables under the floor or thru the walls is not an option. Who makes attractive looking cables that are sufficiently audiophile quality. As much as I love the sound the unbelieveably bright blue Siltech cables will NOT work. Any thoughts? Are flat wires attractive? Obviously thinner would look better but may not sound as good as their larger diameter counterparts. What colors have you seen that might work on a light wood floor with a beautiful carpet? thanks.
QED Silver Anniversary would be a good pick, mates will with your Linn too
try the DNM, sounds and looks good very inexpensive
Hi Huntermusic,

Try the Kimber Select. Good sound too.

happy listening
47Labs OTA cable kit. Practically invisible!
Audience AU-24.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Jena Labs. They are roughly the same color as that of a typical hardwood floor, and I think they look great.
I have been making my own cables for the past year. That way I can get the exact look and sound that I want out of them. Lately I have been having to make them for a few friends too. Give it a try.
I wrap Radio Shack lamp cord in $100 bills. They do a great job and hold their value. With the lights out you do not even need two bags over your head.
xlo makes a nice purple.
I'll second the Kimber Select line of speaker cables. I especially like the looks of the 3033's, but prefer the sound of the 3035's.
I second the Jena Labs recommendation. I've gotten numerous compliments on their cosmetics--and most of those compliments have come from nonaudiophiles. They sound fantastic to boot!
Magnan Signature are wire and carpet all in one!
Olympus Audio makes extremely beautiful audiophile grade cables although they are very thick and heavy. They have several specials on Ebay right now. Search for 'olympus' under home audio.
Based upon your room decor - you can used a techflex jacket over any cable to make it blend in cosmetically.
I'm biased towards Straight Wire clear jackets over solid colored braids.
I had a pair of Acoustic Zen Satoris for awhile which, with indirect light at night, seemed to "glow in the dark".
Transparent Opus MM
I love the very blue-blue color of the Ensemble cables as well as the very light blue of the Supra cables.

Good Luck!
MIT boxes could double as plant stands!!
I agree with Danlib for my tastes, Audience AU24, they're skinny, flexible, easy to hide and let the music come through. I intensely dislike large bulky cable........a royal pain in the arse in everyway!! except some DO sound very good.
I'm surprised no one mentioned Nordost -- which don't call much attention to themselves at all. Just make sure they're not where someone might not see them, and trip over them!!
If you don't mind purple colored on one side and clear copper braiding on the other I'd reccomend Analysis Plus Oval Nine speaker cable. An Opera dealer in NYC called "IN Living Stereo," reccomends them very highly as a synergistic match to the Opera Callas monitors.