Who makes all the transports?

I read recently that transports are only made for a few companies which makes me wonder who the high dollar players are buying them from. Also if someone knows what the best built transports that are being used please share that. Thanks
I believe Audiomeca is one of the few companies that designs/manufactures their own mechanism. This apparently was an outgrowth of designer Pierre Lurne work with turntables. My question is - are his turntables highly regarded? I haven't seen much mention of them here. Regards ...
Sony-Philips makes a lot, Pioneer, I'm sure others. Teac makes some the best transport mechanisms. In use by Wadia, Esoteric etc.
All the above is correct.I think Audiomeca is a heavily modified Sony,I could be wrong but if remember correctly I read about it a long time ago.Teac Esoteric makes some killer mechanisms ,also CEC(SANYO) makes belt drive transports that are awesome.My favorite is the Philips CD-PRO 2 that is used on most top loader transports.ARC,Electrocompaniet,Acoustic Arts,Simaudio,Northstar Design and others.
The Audiomeca Mephisto IIX is a from the ground up design according to Pierre Lurne in an interview over at 6moons. It does however, use a Sanyo laser which according to Monsieur Lurne is "the best available".