who makes a good toslink cable?

looking for advise on a good toslink cable to connect from my apple airport to my DA processor, are they all the same? what's the deal with glass? better ? worse? fragile?

thanks for input?
What's your price range?

I tried a few toslink and coax cables a few months ago. I did not find a big difference between the a $25 glass toslink sold on eBay and a few sub-$250 cables in my system. It sounded exactly the same as the $75 WireWorld Supernova 3

The Audioquest Optilink 5 was the best of the three I tried, but it was also ~$450.

Seems to me that there was equal performance to be had at a lesser price with digital coax cables.

But, if you;ve got to use toslink, I suggest borrowing several different brands and price ranges from Fatwyre.com's lending library. They are extremely helpful, reputable, and have been in business for quite a long time. You only pay 10-15% of the cable's total values for a 14 day in-home trial with that amount applied to the sale if you buy from them. They sell deeply discounted used cables, also.

They are the only way to find out what works best in your system.
A glass one will be better than plastic, especially if it has to be over 1.5 meters long. Most of the better cable manufacturers make them in glass (Tara, AQ, Nordost, etc)
Van den Hul Optocoupler.
WireWorld SuperNova3 or SuperNova5 - very affordable, glass toslink. Tell you the truth, in my system the differences between the 3 and 5 are very minimal. I use SuperNova5 just for the sake of having the latest version, but heard almost no improvement over SuperNova3 I owned before. Only negative thing is, I think, these WireWorld cables are ugly as hell.
thanks for the inputs
how about monster cable? any thought?
Yep, I've got thoughts. I've used both the 100 nd 200. Don't bother unless you're considering that cheap glass ebay special POS. Otherwise Monster is overpriced. I hold to the VDH Optocoupler.