Who makes a 4-way speaker besides Revel?

Just looking around. I bought my AR 9's new in 1981. If I replaced them I would want a 4-way, biampable speaker. Lynne
Linn make some speakers that are 4-way and can be bi-amped. This is one:

You don't say if y ou are looking for new or used...but if used, then the NHT 2.9 and 3.3 are both 4 ways and bi-ampable.
unless the ar9's are somehow going bad, they will compete with many speakers out there at 10 to 15k and beyond....still a benchmark design, and they wrote the book on 'balanced' sound....think a long time before replacing.
Thanks for info. Jaybo, glad to hear your opinion that 9's are still competitive. Haven't auditioned any really high end speakers. Might be better off then to rebuild crossovers. I refoamed them myself but am afraid to tackle crossovers. Sounds like the guy selling rebuilt H/K on audiogon would be up for it.
Was thinking either new or used. Thanks. Lynne
Forgot to mention--nothing is wrong with the 9's. They still sound really fine. I guess they'd sound finer, though, if the crossovers were upgraded--so I'm told by various sources. Lynne
ar's finest ever for sure.
Legacy Audio

If you are capable of replacing the foams on a woofer you should have no problems replacing capacitors.

It is very easy to do. I use Clarity Caps. Their SA and PX Series are both very reasonable for their performance.

Check out this site:


Just one guy's opinion but you get the idea.
arnettpartner: If you can solder, replacing the capacitors is a piece of cake. Just do it slowly, replacing one at a time. The caps are the only components that deteriorate.
OK. I'll go for it. I've got a good iron. Might practice a little first. Thanks a lot. Lynne