Who make the pretiest cables, cords out there?

Well, wife sneaked in behind me curious who the heck I was looking at (w/o blinking) from our family computer monitor in hours long smiling and all. I was checking out some high dollars cables/ cords. Wow, they look pretty, she said.
Now she's curious which COMPANY make the PRETIEST cables and cords?
Can u help?

Botox Cable Company

So pretty you'd swear they weren't real.
Very, very much in the eye of the beholder, but here goes:

Argento Flow series: sober, timeless design, very much on account of the connectors
berTram ProXima series: no, I'm not drunk, that's the way it's written and the cables look just as flashy and unique (I believe)
Siltech Royal Signature series

Luckily, all of these are also in the Champion's League in terms of performance (sadly, also in terms of cost)
Whoa, don't give anyone ideas, Bill. I can see it now: our cable's proprietary botulin ingested teflon insulation prevents the ephemeral crackling caused by creased molecules that will otherwise make your cable sound digital (warning: do not sniff, smoke, eat or whatever).
I love Audiofeils sense of humor. I did not think anybody had a dark sense of humor as bad as mine. If we lived in the same town I sure we would be drinking budies. All crazyness asside I vote Purist Audio Designs as "PRETIEST" cables the fit, finish & craftsmanship are top notch.
Giorgio Armani's latest cable fashions:
Silk in a pale pink hue with glittering gold threads intertwined in lovely accents sheath this power cable with rose diamond accents in an exotic gold setting on the cable ends
$129,000.00 for this lovely designer powercord.
When your wife has a closet full of designer powercords next to the 300 pair of shoes....
I'll cast my vote for Crystal Cables - LOTS of WAF in those cables!

I'll cast my vote for Crystal Cables - LOTS of WAF in those cables!

Cables with WAF, now there's an oxymoron if ever I heard one.
Nasaman- My wife never walked in on me looking at pretty cables, but
she almost caught me looking at some pretty racks.

RixRax of course.
furutech without doubt,
their connectors also look deadly, sleek
Remember beauty is only skin (or should I say Teflon) deep.
But ugly goes clear to the bone.
Any one had the chance to comper the flow pcord to the jps aluminata pcord ?...thx
My wife thinks the prettiest wires are the ones that she cannot see.
Alpha-Core's advertisements used to suggest that their interconnects could be suitably used as jewelry.