Who make SACD machine today?

Could anybody advice me which SACD machine to buy?
They are new to me and I am considering changing my proceed cd with a SACD machine but don't what to buy?
Hi Yanomami,

What is in the rest of your system?

Balanced Sony SCD-1 5k

Unbalanced Sony SCD-777 2.5k

Midfi Sony DVD 9000 1.25k

Budget Sony 5 disc 333ES 1.2k

The ultimate statment Accuphase 28k (dac/transp)

Buy it only if you can hear the difference.
The rest of my system is:
Cary Audio CAD 40M Amps.
LA Audio (tube) preamp.
ProAc studio 250 speakers.
All MIT cables.
The 777 (which had a street price as low as $1500) is no longer in production, but will be replaced by a multichannel model called the XA-777ES, to be released sometime this summer. It is a front-loader (the 777, like the SCD-1, was a top-loader). The SCD-1 has been quoted as available new at around $2800 to $2900. Similarly proportional discounts appear to be available for the DV-9000ES and 333ES from sources such as J&R Music and Oade Brothers. Sony will be releasing a number of other models later this year, down to a price point of $299.

The Marantz SA-1 lists, I believe, for around $7000, and the new SA-14 for around $2800.
YANOMAMI: If you are looking for a superb not only sacd machine, but also progressive scan dvd machine, you will be overwhelmed with the sony dvp-s9000es which only retails for $1500.00 . I did alot of research before bying one and I am glad I did. Two superb machines in one for a steal of a price. An extra also, it looks really cool too. Good Luck.
Ditto on the 9000 but i would rate it high fi not mid fi as i had it and the 777 in my home for audition and the 9000 has better midrange resolution and bass.
I own the Marantz SA-1, and I've heard all of them...if resolution and transparency are what youre looking for it's the by far the best...including the Accuphase (now why would you hook up two $14K components with a piece of telephone wire - the RJ45 connection? - baffling). Only okay with CDs though...it's bitstream conversion...if you want the best of both worlds you need 2 machines. Don't dump your Proceed just yet...

You guys have learn me alot. I will keep my Proceed and look for a second machine (SACD). A sony dvp-s9000es I suppose.
Thanks again
I also recommend the S9000ES if you plan to keep a stereo system even if you never use the DVD feature. It would also give you the option of buying Chesky and Classic DADs--stereo audio recorded at 96/24.

If you plan to go multichannel someday, buy the Sony SCD-555ES.