who lives where?

just came across a couple of posts from ppl who live in Toronto/ Ottawa.. I was born in Ottawa and now live in Toronto and I always like to get to know fellow audiophiles (I don't have any friends here who are as 'into it' as I am)

Just wondering to what corners this forum stretches. By the way, any Torontonians own a Unison Research Unico? If so, please fill me in on what speakers you're using. then again, I wouldn't mind hearing what speakers ANYONE who owns a Unico uses.

thanks guys
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Loose: Check out the Where Are U thread, you'll see where a lot of us are. I think they were trying to set a record for most posts with that thread, but the Preamp Deal of the Century thread seems to have an insurmountable lead!

On the Unison Research, I believe that a friend of mine used one (not sure if it was the same one, a hybrid integrated?) with his Usher speakers for a while--not sure if he ultimately was happy with the pairing. I think his handle here is Iasi.
Jond, at least you guys voted for the right person!
I'm in Toronto
Jond--DC shoutout from Stanton Park, one block from the dysfunctional Senate!

I reside in Montreal, office is in Ottawa. I travel all over the world to make a living (and feed my audio habit). Quite honestly I don't think I can claim anywhere as "home" anymore

Regards, Jeff
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Hey guys...

as per Rcprince's response, I noticed the 'Where Are U' thread immediately AFTER my post.

Still, it would be nice to hear who's close by.

by the way, sorry for the poorly worded posts of late - been so busy my fingers move more quickly than my brain. :S

Thanks for all your participation. I love this place in cyberspace.
When Captain Kirk from Star Trek was asked this question by that perky blond marine biologist, in the episode where they came back in time to get the Whales...

Blond biologist asks, " So, do you live in space"

Kirk's answered, "No, I live in Iowa, I just work in space"
Nrchy, I prefer to think of myself as a high-tech gypsy. Little Rock? Never been there, so far there's been no reason to go to the Land of Slick Willy.

Dave, I wouldn't put too much trust in Kirk, he had full-on sex with a green alien chick.
Have people visit www.secondlife.com?

You can buy real estate and create your own identity on cyberspace. There's no boundary to what you can dream up there...
Unfortunately we have only 3 electoral votes and no representation in Congress. And a city government that's about to cost us a baseball team. Grrrrr...
A DC shout out back at you from Logan Circle. Keep the faith brother.
I'm a bit far south.....in Chile.
Chicago area
Where in Chile do you live? My wife and I were just reminiscing yesterday about our trip there five years ago. We could really go for a bowl of chupe and a pisco sour in our favorite restaurant in Puerto Montt!
All the best,
Hi Howard, I'm from the capital, Santiago, but I've been in Puerto Montt a couple of times, it´s 1.000 kms to the South.
It a beatiful area, with great rivers for fly fishing, it's full of lakes and forests, some say the south of Chile is very much like British Columbia in Canada and some parts of New Zealand.
Now if you go up north, there are beatiful beaches and even further up north, deserts.

If you ever come here again, email me.
BTW, where are you from ?

Hello Foxtrot,

Isn't Chile the ugliest place on the planet? Please tell everyone that it is so they won't ruin it! OK, in all honesty, I've never seen such magnificent scenery as in Chile. And I have travelled quite a few beautiful places on this planet.

I live in Sacramento, California.
All the best,
Eagleman lives in Houston, TX...
Beverly Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Hartland, Michigan, N.W. of Detroit.