Who knows the difference? Greenmountain or Reynaud

I've gotten a lot of great info. from these threads, so I'm looking for a little more. I really like the feed back I've recieved about these two companies. I'm thinking about either the GMA Calypo or the JM Reynaude Concorde Signature. I'm running a Threshold 60 watt amp. I want these speakers to work with this amp, but I will be upgrading apms at some point. Maybe Mark Levinson 33's. The room I'm in at the time is only 13'X13'. I will be moving to a bigger room about 25'X25'. I just want to get as much info.about these speakers before I drive thousands of miles to listen to them. So I was hoping someone has been able to listern or compare these two speakers. I'm big on soundstage. I love music not measurments.
Thanks for the great infor. I know you will provide. T.moon
they are both good speakers...but its always better to buy close to home. there are only 50 or 60 brands that can compare favoribly to both, and god forbid you have a problem......quick and easy service is not possible. see whats in or near where you live.
The GMA Calypso is a brand new floor standing model and not yet in any dealer showrooms to my knowledge. I have been told it is flat out incredible. I have a pair on order. Mine have yet to ship, and I have been promised the first pair to the U.S. market. The 13 x 13 room might be more suitable for the GMA Callisto's standmount. There is a review of the Callisto on 6moons.com. Might be wise to hear both speakers to decide which one is for you.
songwriter, I would love to hear what you think about your new Calypso when you get them set up. I know a smaller speaker would work better in the smaller room, but I am also buying for the future. It want be long and I'll be moving to a bigger room. Everyone that has heard the Callisto's has had great things to say about them. I really like floorstanders for myself. Mainly for bass. I'm sure the Callisto's would work great in the room I'm in, just thinking ahead.

What type of gear will you be useing with the Calypso's.
I'll be happy to let you know about two weeks after I get them. That should be ample time for break-in.
I think the Calypso's come already broken in (which you have to pay extra for with the lesser models).
You are correct. Roy said I should give them a week or so break-in for optimal performance though.