Who knows LA Audio C2 gold preamps

Could anybody tell me about a LA Audio C2 Gold preamps?
I have Cary Audio CAD 40 monoblocks and have the posibility to buy a LA Audio C2 gold preamps, is it god or bad?.
do a headline search of "la audio" and you will find a link to the designers new company Audio Design.

what are you getting the c2 for?
When I do a headline search, I find a company who don´t make preamps etc. is that right? and it dosn.t help me if it is god or not!!!!!! He want 450$ for it!
Is this a stereo preamp or is a pair of mono preamps?
A stereo preamp
I just emailed you privately. The Audio Design website lists a C3 Preamp, which I heard is based upon the c3 Gold. The cosmetics are different but the designs are similar. Go into the Thread in the archives (7/2000) "anyone heard of La Audio" and find the addresss to Audio Design aka LA Audio.
I would buy it, and if you don't like it, I will buy it off you. keep my add. a4s4@aol.com