Who knows about Pioneer QX949A???

Recently, after rediscovering the wonderful sound of vinyl and acquiring a Nottingham Space Deck (still not sure I've got it set up perfectly though), I dug out an old receiver I purchased back in the grad school days, a Pioneer QX949A and was IMMEDIATELY favorably impressed with the warmth and detail of the sound. I had used it a few years back while waiting for repairs on another receiver, a newer Onkyo model, but had only listened to some tv broadcasts and not focused strictly on music. This time, however, I hooked it up to my main system and was blown away by the rich, fullness of the sound.

Has anyone here had any similar experiences with these receivers or others in the mid-1970's vintage? I was told it has some tubes in it but have never had it open. Are my ears fooling me, are they in the grips of nostalgic fantasy, or is this really as good as it seems to me to be? If nothing else, it looks really, really keen!!!

Maybe I missed something here and would appreciate whatever education other members can provide about this or other pieces like it....