Who knows about Naim products?

I am just finding out about Naim gear. I am looking to replace my B&K ref 30 or add two channel preamp. Movies do not disapoint on my unit but two channel sound does. I am serious looking at Krell 7.1 because of two channel sound but I am finding that it may be too detailed for me. Then I became interested in the new surround processor Naim has put out? It got high praises in Perfect Vision mag. I am most interested in two channel sound and now I am looking into adding one of there stereo preamps to there surround processor. It will be run by a Sim Titan 5 channel amp. I did notice that most people selling there Naim equipment was upgrading to more Naim equipment! Thanks for any direction you can give me.
The best place to get information on Naim equipment is on the Naim forum. Go to www.naim-audio.com. You'll find that there are also many site dedicated to Naim audio gear. A great place to start is this site. http://freespace.virgin.net/tony.lonorgan/manifest.htm

Be carefull,once you enter in NAIM teritory you will never leave cause it is that good.