Who knows about Kharma Ceramique 1's

Tell me about 'em. Can you compare and or contrast them to the Vandersteen 5's?
I have not heard Vandy but,have heard Kharma1s at the Audible Difference shop in Conn. Using Thor AudioTPA30 monoblocks,and Thor lnestage. This is about as good as it gets.Kharmas and Thor are a great match.Hope that helps!
Call Brian at: aaudio.com he is very knowledgeable, especially regarding the Kharma's. They are the best speakers made for the money. Good Luck.
I have no idea what the rest of your system's like, but the Ceramique 1.0 is the most coherent and neutral speaker I've heard in years. They just disappear in you room and totally get out of the way. The rest depends on your electronics. Unlike many speakers that add a coloration of some sort, the C 1.0 reproduces the signal faithfully without any additional coloration or enhancement of its own, yet remains completely coherent and musical. For me this is best a speaker can do, and this is were the C 1.0 differs from the Vandersteen. Unlike the C 1.0, Vandersteens have a sweetness that they impart to any signal fed. Some people might prefer this. I found it fatiguing, boring and monotonous over a period of time. I found this coloration, although pleasant, to get in the way of my enjoyment. The C 1.0's neutrality allowed me to hear music exactly as it was supposed to be heard, live and exciting. My other problem with V-5 is in the bass. Its always outstanding and impressive. No matter how the bass controls were set, I found the bass too impressive. Again many find V-5's bass endearing, if you're into hifi more that music. I would like to be impressed by the music or the musician not by bass, and not by anything else hifi. C 1.0's bass on the other hand is always tuneful, natural and part of the fabric of the music, rather than a separate entity. Fit and finish is another major difference between the speakers. The Kharma's are beautifully finished in a high gloss lacquer, with an unusual, elegant European styled cabinet. The V-5 leaves a lot to be desired in this area. You'll also find the Kharmas totally inert. Their cabinets are completely dead, which is not the same with the Vandersteens. You're always aware that you're listening to some sort of a box (I might be more sensitive than most to cabinet sound, since I've only owned ribbon, planar speakers in the past 12 years).
I find the C 1.0s to be both musically satisfying and very neutral and transparent. The bass is deep and smooth with the right amount of air and bloom and the midrange and treble are exquisite. I have owned various speakers in this price point (the usual name-brand suspects) and feel that the Kharmas do so much so well that I am more than satisfied. Highly recommended.